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Ukraine's status as an efficient, cost-effective and highly innovative production center is not yet widely known overseas. Ukraine offers not only beautifull people, cities, culture and nature for superb location opportunities, but also a first-class resources ranging from the latest equipment to very skilled cameramen, video-, sound- and light-engineers?

This is testified by the increasing number of production companies that not only chose Ukraine as their location but selected our company as their coordination and production team.

We learned the importance of preciseness, quickness, flexibility, last but not least, creativity through works.

We work very often with Japanese TV and CM production companies, but are also very happy to welcome production companies from other countries.

We cover Ukraine and Moldova with our own staffs.

You can count on us !






Events Production UA

tel.: +380-67559-1894 (Ukraine)


We are not only active in Ukraine, but also in Belarus and Moldova. Please contact us for TV/CM coordination service and/or production.